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The United States " bleacher sports " at the end of the Olympic Games by the latest nba jersey replica NBA power list, defending champion Miami Heat ranks still top, nba jersey wholesale just to get Howard out of the Lakers beat ranked second, replica nba jersey ranking third out, losing Howard magic ranked second. nba basketball jersey

The first: the Miami heat

They are 2012 NBA new championship, wholesale basketball jersey though the Lakers move constantly, but the heat is still to be respect, Chicago Bulls jersey since May, James won the MVP regular season, the finals MVP, Bulls jersey champion, an Olympic gold medal, this is only done in 1992 jordan. Derrick Rose jersey The new season they will have a more healthy Wade and Bosh, Michael•Jordan jersey ray Allen and Lewis to join, make the heat or the best team in the league. Miami Heat jersey

Second: Losangeles Lakers

This week Howard is finally set to join the LeBron James jersey lake, in the future for a long time, they will compete for the champion of thunder and Dwyane Wade jersey west of Bynum, the Lakers were the best center Howard, la Lakers jersey they also left Gasol, together with Nash and Kobe back, Kobe Bryant jersey they like tiger Tim wing, and Jamieson will become the team sixth, Kobe jersey on paper they have is the champion team. Thunder jersey

Third: Oklahoma City

Lei Ting in the General Assembly on the draft by Perry Jones, Kevin Durant jersey also signed thabeet. Thunder three giant Durant, Boston Celtics jersey Weiss Brook and Harden helped the United States team won gold medals in the Olympic Games, Clippers jersey Yibaka also helped Spain win the silver medal, Chris Paul jersey four of their players have not been idle. The next season to the Lakers, Blake Griffin jersey Yibaka and Perkins would defend Gasol and Howard, New York Knicks jersey now they are defending Nash and Howard roll is a problem, Carmelo Anthony jersey in the footsteps of Perkins and some slow. Dallas Mavericks jersey

Fourth: Boston Celtics

They lost the best of three throw grenades - Allen, Dirk Nowitzki jersey but they are not general team, they brought in Terry, Bradley grew rapidly, Orlando Magic jersey the Celts strength did not get too big impact, Parker jersey he signed to Courtney - Lee, Jason Corinth is a very good role players in the draft, Duncan jersey they greatly will also got Sa Linjie, San Antonio Spurs jersey he reached the height of 7 feet 1 inches. Rondo, Garnett and Pearce are still the core of the team. nba caps

Fifth: Sanantonio Spurs

They and the Celtics are proved not old, adidas nba jersey regular season last season Spurs are the best team, they did not because of the age of reason and the lower scores, nba basketball jersey but the regular season first. They have good chemical wholesale basketball jersey reaction will be, the Spurs 10 rotation is very strong, adidas nba basketball jersey Duncan and Ginobili's health is the key, on season Parke played MVP level performance. Chicago Bulls jersey Along with Howard Gasol, the Spurs got great pressure. Bulls jersey

Sixth: Losangeles clippers

The Clippers last playoff scoring second round last season, Derrick Rose basketball jersey they had injury problems, now Billups's back, they also introduced Michael Jordan basketball jersey Crawford and Wiley - Green two outwire bench, Miami Heat jersey with Tullia J and Odom, both inside and outside the LeBron James basketball jersey line strength are increased. Devin Wade basketball jersey

Seventh: Indiana Pacers

Larry Bird resigned from the Pacers president, this did not la Lakers jersey affect the team operation, their success with top pay leaving Hibbert, Kobe Bryant basketball jersey the 7 foot 2 inch center last season's all-star. They also re-signed Hill, Kobe jersey with Collison for Mahinmi, Augustin will replace Collison in the Thunder jersey starting position.

Eighth: Denver Nuggets Kevin Durant basketball jersey

The Nuggets would be 12-13 season of the biggest dark horse, Boston Celtics jersey except just traded for Iguodala, the team had an All-Star, but his depth is Clippers jersey very powerful, they will be the most dangerous team, Chris Paul basketball jersey they each position has numerous master, guard on the Lawson and Miller two Blake Griffin basketball jersey reasonable collocation, SG Wilson - Chandler, New York Knicks jersey the rookie Phil Iguodala, Nirvana, small forward, Carmelo Anthony basketball jersey Breuer Gallinari, big vanguard Farid, center Mcgee, KOUFOS, Motz cove. Dallas Mavericks jersey

Ninth: Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks summer whether Deron Williams or Howard could not catch, Dirk Nowitzki basketball jersey the Mavericks next moves continuously, Orlando Magic jersey they draft by Cunningham, Claude, Bernard - James, they also got Kaman, Brand such a veteran, Collison, Mayo and Jones are outside of the fn. Parker jersey

Tenth: Brooklyn nets

The nets with 5 years $98000000 behind Deron Williams, Duncan jersey and they traded All-Star defender Joe Johnson, their back line was the league's top, San Antonio Spurs jersey besides Wallace, Humphris, Lopez three players before the game all the team left, they abandoned Howard. nba snapback Summer league in their second round table show Taylor did very well, it may be a surprise.

Rank eleven to thirtieth teams were Nicks, grizzly bears, bulls, wolves, 76, eagle, pioneer, jazz, Bumblebee, bucks, the sun, the king, the piston, the Raptors, warrior, knight, rocket, the magic, the lynx.

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