Join us for the first ever Hak5 meetup in beautiful Williamsburg Virginia as we celebrate four years of podcasting and our upcoming sixth season.

Where:Busch Gardens Williamsburg

When: August 15, 2009, Noon - Park Close

We'll be hanging out at the Festhaus in the Deutschland section of Busch Gardens from Noon onwards. From there it'll be a fun filled day of roller coasters, beer, and geeking out.

The Festhaus is easy to find -- it's straight back from the enterance of the park. Once inside you'll be greeted by Hak5 as well as a bit of Bavaria. They go all out here with delicious German cuisine, beer and dancing. We'll be there getting our geek on and meeting with you from Noon until around 1:30'ish before hitting up the park's thrill rides.

Visitors to Virginia can get tickets for about $60/day. Residents can pickup a $60 "Fun Card" thats good throughout the summer.

The Festhaus and park are open to all ages. Following the day at the park we'll be meeting up at a yet to be announced pub for dinner & brew. That'll be open to all ages as well with no cover charge. Stay tuned to Hak5 and this site for details as the event draws closer.

Hotels in the area

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There are about a bazillion hotels and pancake houses in Williamsburg. It's also quite a historic area if so if you're into that sort of thing check out Colonial Williamsburg. We don't have any sort of group rate as far as hotels are concerned but you're encouraged to shop around and compare notes in the forum. If you're traveling along you may even find a fellow geek to share a ride or room with.