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According to the British media " Daily Mail " newest divulge, Soccer shop Real Madrid midfielder Harvey Alonso has rejected a new two-year contract with the team, Soccer store the Grand Slam player wants to leave Bernabeu in the summer of next year. Soccer cleats

Since 09 years in summer by 30000000 euros worth of Liverpool after Alonso from Real Madrid, Soccer shoes with its powerful abilities and overall point of view, is rapidly becoming the Milky Way battleship defence organization only core. Nike soccer cleats Real Madrid beat rivals Barcelona last season to win La Liga champions, Adidas soccer cleats attendance rate is not high Alonso. In the just-concluded near 2012 European Cup against France, Wholesale soccer cleats Alonso was also in the knockout of the plum to open two degrees, Nike CTR360 helped Spain 2 than 0 slew rival promotion semi-finals. Nike CTR360 Maestri II

Comprehensive in Liverpool, Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, Nike CTR360 Maestri II elite so Alonso has yielded nearly all players dream of occupation of the trophy. In Liverpool, as the absolute core players, wayne rooney cleats Alonso followed the team won the Champions League trophy; Nike Total 90 in Madrid, Alonso won the Spanish League champions; Nike Total90 Laser IV in the Spanish national team, Alonso is successive World Cup victory titles as well as the cristiano ronaldo cleats European Cup Champions cup. The 4 champion, Nike Mercurial can be said to be the most important player occupation a few honors. Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII But at the same time, we can not ignore the fact, while the ability is still there, Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly IV but time and tide wait for no man, Alonso is about to turn 31 years old. Nike Tiempo

" Daily Mail " pointed out, the reason why Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite Alonso refused to Real Madrid for 2 years the main reason is that, adidas adipower Predator XI Alonso is eager to have a longer length of a new contract, if Real Madrid can provide a longer contract, kaka cleats Alonso will still consider leaving. But the Catalonia media " daily sports newspaper adidas adipure" think: Real Madrid won't give Alonso a new contract for more than 2 years. The reason is very simple, adidas adipure 11Pro TRX first: Alonso after all, have had 30 years old, the next few years, the state of body and so it is very difficult to guarantee; adidas adipure 11Pro SL TRX second: Luka Modric joined shortly, if it can be successfully landed in Bernabeu, adidas adipure IV TRX then Premier magic still has the ability to replace Alonso; lionel messi soccer cleats third: Shaheen after 2 years of experience can also be smooth.

Liverpool three big targets were exposed as Barcelona prodigy Real Madrid midfielder LED

The signing of Borini and Choallen, adidas F50 adizero TRX Rodgers's Liverpool is forming gradually, but there are still some locations to be added. adidas F50 adizero According to the British media disclosed, Liverpool close to 5000000 pounds prices to sign Barcelona star Tello, defence, adidas Predator Absolion LZ TRX Skrtel prepared and signed for the Reds in 4 year contract, Agger that he does not want to leave anfield. adidas Predator XII

" Sun " said, Tello was probably the Rogers Enfield Dynasty of third new faces. nba jersey replica Tello is characterized by fast speed, dribbling is relatively outstanding, nba jersey wholesale but the distance success obviously also need some distance to go, replica nba jersey on the season in Barcelona Tello because of his excessive dribbling, was Messi bellow. nba basketball jersey Tello now and his Barca contract only the remaining 12 months, Liverpool this plan to rent one year, wholesale basketball jersey but the Reds faced with at the same time Arsenal, Chicago Bulls jersey Malaga team's competition, so they consider to $5000000 buyout tello. Bulls jersey

In Rodgers's 433 play, Tello can walking can be cut, Derrick Rose jersey can be suitable for the two wingers, Liverpool in the free Kuyt and after Rodriguez, Michael•Jordan jersey winger needs a rotation player.

Last season in the league, Miami Heat jersey Liverpool defence conceded just 40 goals, second only to the city and united to concede. LeBron James jersey Defensive third grades and the main Agger Zhongwei and Skrtel's performance is not divided. Dwyane Wade jersey

Skrtel has only one year contract with Liverpool, la Lakers jersey Manchester City and caused interest in Florence, but according to the " sun " news, Kobe Bryant jersey Slovakia star and the upcoming Liverpool signed a new 4 year contract. Kobe jersey Skrtel prefers staying at anfield.

Into the same transfer rumours and partner of Skrtel Agger, Thunder jersey but Liverpool have rejected a£ 20000000 bid city. Agger I also prefer to stay: Kevin Durant jersey " I would prefer to stay here, Boston Celtics jersey it's hard for me to imagine for another Premiership club, every year there is a similar transfer rumours, Clippers jersey I always smile. I have not heard the club's decision, Chris Paul jersey so there is nothing to worry about. Although I want to leave, Blake Griffin jersey but many decided that does not depend on me. Because you never know what New York Knicks jersey the club is it right? That sell me better. "Carmelo Anthony jersey " The guardian " said, if the city would offer up to 27000000 pounds, Dallas Mavericks jersey Liverpool will sell Agger.

In addition to the introduction of Tello, stable defence, Dirk Nowitzki jersey Liverpool are on Fulham midfielder Deng Puxi and Real Madrid are interested in Shaheen. adidas nba jersey But Everton also considered Deng Puxi Rodwell substitute, nba basketball jersey before Moyers will next star sold to Manchester City, wholesale basketball jersey but Cahill had already been sold to Everton in the adidas nba basketball jersey United States of America alliance. Chicago Bulls jersey Liverpool just for Deng Puxi bid 5000000 pounds, Bulls jersey it will face the fierce competition of the Merseyside rivals. " Sun " Derrick Rose basketball jersey that Liverpool was also close to sign Shaheen, Michael Jordan basketball jersey but the Reds faced A Senna and Tottenham competition.

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