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The United States of America future leaders formally taking over a war breaking too many record peak

The United States Olympic men's basketball team in the final with a 107-100 defeat the Spanish team, Basketball shoes to win the championship. Durant game 18 throw in 8, 9 in 10 FTS snatches the next 30 points and 9 rebounds, Nike basketball shoes the exceptional performance.

The Olympic Games before the final 7 games, Adidas basketball shoes Durant had 126 points, and averaging 18 points ranked by total score fifth in the table, Nba shoes this is extremely remarkable performance, nba basketball jersey its score in the United States team ranked first. Don't forget the team of Kobe, adidas nba jersey James and other pop superstar. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that, Nike Zoom Kobe Durant had hit 4.1 per game to three points! Nike Zoom Kobe VII Projected quasi, will usually make the United States team of rivals. Kobe VII

For example, today a war, Durant through accurate projection, Nike Zoom Kobe 7.5 so that the Spaniards despair. After Navarro has hit three points, Nike air max lebron once the Spanish team lead. But Durant would let the bomb chains? Nike air max lebron 9 His three hit bottom, storm fouls ... ... Only a single time, he has grabbed 12 points! lebron 9

Especially when the Spanish team attempted to counterattack, Nike air max lebron 9.5 Durant will step forward bravely, and precision is almost cold cast off Nike Zoom Soldier VI the opponent managed to boost of confidence. Adizero Derrick Rose The first section of the bottom line with 57 seconds left Durant three point hit, adizero derrick rose 2.5 both sides of the gap to 10 points, then he was on the adizero rose 2.5 defensive end light Shu monkey arm, will Gasol's three points directly cover! Nike Kevin Durant IV

Durant Festival meeting make persistent efforts, Kevin Durant shoes continue through the outstanding performance against an opponent. nike hyperdunk 2012 In a fast break layup. After Durant strange road, then make up and grab the rebounds, nike hyperdunk fouls after two free throws. After a more exciting, nike hyperise Adu along the bottom entry directly after the vote running, ball! Also fouls! Nike Jordan Wade Penalty then individual half accounted for 17 minutes. Nike jordan flight wade II

Objectively speaking, the Durant first half of the hit rate is not high, nike Jordan D'Reign fly wade II the 12 shot only hit 4 balls, however his nike jordan Melo M8 teammates still on his extremely trust. This, nike Jordan Melo it shows Durant in the team 's absolute core position. Easy to just start again, Adidas TS Beast Commander and Du is tries to break through the defense and met Gasol one-handed dunk, Adidas Dwight Howard but a foul opponents with destruction ... ... Two punish entire, nike zoom hyperfuse had grabbed 19 points.

In fact in the present moment, nike zoom hyperfuse 2012 Durant distance predecessors Hayward 's record is just one step away, nba jersey replica after the United States team single games scoring records created by Hayward, nba jersey wholesale a total of 145 points. And Durant in two free throws after already tied the replica nba jersey predecessors of the record. After the battle, nba basketball jersey Durant was extremely fierce, hit consecutive after wholesale basketball jersey individuals have grabbed 27 points! The three section of the 27 division, Chicago Bulls jersey this is he in a star-studded team USA, produced the show! Bulls jersey

In the distal left the game fifth of three individuals after the ball, Derrick Rose jersey Durant has to grab 30 points! Individuals in this session of Olympic Games total score Michael•Jordan jersey has risen to 156, calculation of field data in the games, LeBron James jersey he averaged 19.5 points have been robbed! Dwyane Wade jersey And thus beyond the 1976, Danteli created by averaging 19.3 points for the Kevin Durant jersey Team USA Olympic Games scoring record. adidas nba jersey The team history two big scoring record in the final, after all, nba basketball jersey Durant was trampled underfoot. wholesale basketball jersey

Experienced in the world of lone star shine, as well as the Games crazy performance, adidas nba basketball jersey no doubt, he has been the absolute core team usa! Chicago Bulls jersey

James is willing to participate in the next Olympic FIBA expansion of Bulls jersey NBA compromise

NBA Commissioner David Stern's trip to London, Derrick Rose basketball jersey with his " axis of evil " program, and FIBA President Patrick Bauman met. Although the final, Michael Jordan basketball jersey Brazil 2016 Olympic Games not Rio de Janeiro age restriction, but the FIBA had 3 on 3 basketball joined the Olympic Games, LeBron James basketball jersey will continue to expand and the expansion of the Olympic Games from three teams to 16 and other new ideas.

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